New Year Address

source:CCI Holdings News

Brave the Wind and the Waves and Move on toward the Bright Future.

2020 was a special year.

During the year, we worked hard and forged ahead despite of wind and rain. In the face of sudden outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, amid the complicated and grim external environment, all the down-to-earth elites of CCI Holdings overcome difficulties, and with their effort, the company realized solid growth in business, which reflects its sense of responsibility.  

During the year, we had been focused on the industrial development assiduously, and we overcome all kinds of difficulties for early resumption of work and production after the Spring Festival. The business of business aviation took off in adverse conditions, and the new-type bus provided the city with warmth. The construction project was proceeding orderly.

During the year, we acted as a connecting link between the preceding and the following seeking for better overall arrangement. Industry Creates Better Life, and the company's mission had been fulfilled; Reach the breadth and greatness and penetrate the refined and subtle to the end, the company's core values enjoyed popular support; the goal of development was clear, and a blueprint for better life was drawn.

It will be full of hope in 2021.      

In the coming year, we will look to the future, grasp opportunities, follow national strategy, fulfill the company mission and help create a good life for the masses.

In the coming year, we will unite as one and advance bravely. Under the guidance of three-year plan, we will brave the wind and the waves and seize every minute to start a new journey of enterprise development.

In the coming year, we will be united and work in concert, stand together through storm and stress. We will join hands with partners and friends, help one another, share weal and woe and write a new chapter.

A new breakthrough from 0 to 1 is made during 2020 and 2021, and we will set out once again for innovative development.

Let's advance courageously towards a firm and sincere aim and stand up to difficulties for a bright future.

Wish everyone a happy new year and good health! May all go well with you!  

CCI Holdings Co., Ltd.

December 31, 2020