CCI Holdings Organizes a Visit to Shanghai Museums of Cohesion Projects and Ctrip’s Culture Battle Front of Party Building for Party Members

source:CCI Holdings News

On the afternoon of December 25, 2020, CCI Holdings Organizes a Visit to Shanghai Museums of Cohesion Projects, Ctrip’s Culture Battle Front of Party Building for Party Members at the Management Headquarters in Shanghai. The activity is part of a series of activities designed to educate the employees about four histories, which is organized by the Party Organization of CCI Holdings; the activity is organized to make sure that the Party Members would keep their original aspiration and mission in mind, draw from advanced experience in grass-roots Party Building and take a lead by playing demonstration role.


The Party Members go to Shanghai Museums of Cohesion Projects located in Zhongshan Park, Changning District. In the theme of stay true to the mission and keep the mission in their mind, the museum divides the exhibition into four parts, that is, Original Aspiration and Mission, Deepened Exploration, Innovative Development and Advancing Bravely. By learning a number of practical vases, the Party Members gain a deep understanding of detailed development history of Cohesion Projects, a brand of grass-roots Party Building in Shanghai.


Later, the Party Members went to LingKong SOHO, and under the guidance of Ma Sucheng, Deputy Secretary of CPC of Ctrip, they visit Ctrip’s gallery of Party Building and Red Base, Ctrip’s Wall of Development History and Ctrip’s enterprise cultural development results etc.


Through the visit, these Party Members have learned the exploration practices in the domain of urban grass-roots Party Building in the new period and the Party Building activities in the Two-new Organizations (New Economic Organizations and New Social Organizations). All the Party Members say that they will be strict with themselves by following higher standards based on the actual situation and strategic planning of CCI Holdings, and they will continually improve their professional proficiency and play pioneering and exemplary role on their respective positions to make greater contribution to the development of CCI Holdings.


Kong Liumei, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCI Holdings, says that, from the concept of Understand, Care about and Unite with People upheld by the grass-roots cadres in communities to Cohesion Projects, it is clear that the Party must keep abreast of the times in terms of grass-roots Party Building, and make sure that the grass-roots Party Building reflects the people-centered values and supports the urban construction, reform and development. By developing the enterprise and employees, Ctrip sticks to the people-oriented principle, creates a favorable working environment and performs the work of Party building in an innovative way, which is of referential value to CCI Holdings. As the enterprise scale grows, the Party Members of CCI Holdings should enhance their sense of mission and responsibility, further unite with the masses, do their duty and fight tooth and nail for the development of CCI Holdings.