Taizhou Summit Forum of Automobile Industry and International Investment Fair of Southeast Automobile Town Opened with Great Ceremony

source:CCI Holdings News

On July 25, 2020, Upgraded Industry Agglomeration for Commercial Innovation and Reform -- Taizhou Summit Forum of Automobile Industry and International Investment Fair of Southeast Automobile Town, jointly held by CCI Holdings and Wenling Market Group Co., Ltd. as well as related industry association and industrial chambers were opened in Taizhou, Zhejiang. Leaders of Wenling Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, CCI Holdings, Wenling Markets Group, Taizhou Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai, Chambers of Commerce at Suzhou and Taizhou and experts from automobile industry as well as personages of all circles were present at the summit forum and investment fair, interpreted the new situation and development in the automobile industry and explored new directions for the development of related industries.


Cao Zhidong, President of CCI Holdings, delivered a speech. He stressed that, Zhejiang Southeast Automobile Town was one of first major projects of Wenling in 2019, and also a key project that helped revitalize the real economy of Wenling, promoted industrial transformation and upgrading and enhanced urban function. It was also a great move by CCI Holdings in responding to the ideas of Zhejiang entrepreneurs should go back and invest their hometown advocated by the leaders at all levels of the province. The launching ceremony held today was designed to explore new path for the automobile industry in Wenling and Taizhou, and to create its connection to the integrated development of Yangtze River Delta via the projects as a physical carrier and platform, and build a role model at Wenling for the development of the real economy and the upgrading of themed industrial and commercial upgrading in towns by uniting together, with an aim to shine the future city card of Wenling!


In the Taizhou Chinese market of automobile industry, Lv Zhenhua, Associate Dean of China Institute of Market Research, Chief Executive Officer of National Zhejiang Merchants Market Federation, and Associate Dean of China Commercial Real Estate Academy, Han Feng, former Secretary General of Automobile Dealer's Society associated with All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chen Keren, Chief Executive Officer of Zhejiang Automobile Dealders Association, Lin Yu, Senior Consultant and Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Private Economy Research Center, and strategic expert of Zhejiang real estate, Dong Youfeng, Vice President of AIWAYS, and other attendees were actively involved with the discussion and communication on the current development of automobile industry and its future trend.


Taizhou Summit Forum of Automobile Industry is designed to build a multi-dimensional communication platform for industrial management department and automobile enterprise, a communication platform for whole industry chain of automobile, and an exchange platform for construction and perfection of automobile-related industries and new circulation channels. The forum is not only a sharing of practical experience in the automobile industry and automobile market, but also a grand gathering of great minds when China’s auto industry is going to enter the low speed increasing stage, as well as a brand new marketing and planning in the post-pandemic period, and the forum is of great importance to the concentration, upgrading and high-quality development of automobile industry in Wenling and Taizhou.


It is not only an automobile metropolis in Southeast China, but also another masterpiece by Wenling. 

As part of specialized the 13th Five-Year Plan for the development of service industry at the provincial level, Wenling municipal government’s key project of investment attraction, and unique project of commerce and trade exhibition of Wenling in 2020, Zhejiang Southeast Automobile Town is jointly developed by CCI Holdings Co., Ltd. and Wenling Market Group Co., Ltd., and the project boasts of powerful strength warranty, outstanding regional advantages, scientific structural design and stable operation and management. 

Zhejiang Southeast Automobile Town actively conforms to the historical trend of the time, and its original purposes include effectively solving the problems of traditional automobile markets such as poor organization and industrial image etc., and meeting consumers’ need of one-stop purchase of vehicles. In the theme of automobile, the project integrates functions such as leisure and entertainment, fitness and culture, and strives to build an important window for Zhejiang and set a role model for the commercial complex of automobile industry at the county-level city. The project is also known as “new city card of Wenling”.


Launching ceremony

Mo Dongbo, Deputy Head of New Urban District, Lu Jiangbo, Executive Deputy Town Chief of Wenqiao, Chen Yong, President of Zhejiang Zoton Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Zhang Yunbin, President of Wenling Market Group, and Cao Zhidong, President of CCI Holdings started the International Investment Fair and witnessed the strategic cooperation and contract signing by brands.


Participants of strategic cooperation include:



★Jaguar Land Rover

★ Wuling-Baojun


Participants of strategic cooperation include:


★Limousines Club

★ Junyi Automobile Sales

★ Guangzhi Automobile Sales


Participants of strategic cooperation include:

★ Jiandan Gymnasium

★ Qibing Education

★ Southeast Cuisine

★ Zhuojue Steak Hous



Keynote speech 


Dong Youfeg, Vice President of AIWAYS, delivered a keynote speech People, Car and Life -- On the Industrial Upgrading of New Energy Automobile


Zhang Shuai, Vice President of DO DESIGN GROUP, delivered keynote speech Industry Agglomeration and Upgrading for Commercial Innovation and Reform -- On the Design Philosophy Of Southeast Automobile Town


Wu Weizhen, Executive Director of Shanghai Lezun Enterprise Management Company, delivered a keynote speech Operation and Management Service Pattern of Industrial Market and Market Potential


Lin Yu, Senior Consultant and Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Private Economy Research Center, and strategic expert of Zhejiang real estate delivered a keynote speech Trend of Industrial Market Operation in The New Situation

CCI Holdings makes great investment in Zhejiang Southeast Automobile Town, hoping to promote the upgrading and optimization of traditional automobile circulation in Taizhou, revitalize the real economy of Wenling and facilitate the economic transformation and upgrading of Wenling. To promote the integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta, the Group integrates resources for the purpose of general industrial upgrading and sustainable development.