Like a Giant Aircraft of Industry Setting Sail, International Investment Fair of Zhejiang Southeast Automobile Town is going to be Held soon

source:CCI Holdings News

Taizhou Automobile Industry Summit Forum and International Investment Fair is going to be held on July 25, 2020 at Taizhou, Zhejiang. At the time, Zhejiang Southeast Automobile Town, which is jointly invested by CCI Holdings and Wenling Market Group Co., Ltd., will be unveiled formally. 


Zhejiang Southeast Automobile Town - a little town with industrial cluster of automobile supply chain 

▲ based on automobile 4S Stores

▲ emphasizes the new-type high-end experience store

▲ aimed at the development of new energy automobile

▲ with the automobile supply chain as an automobilerier

▲ for the purpose of consumption upgrading 

A new-type center that provides experience of racing and entertainment



Concept of Planning and Design 

The project is located in the new urban district of Wenling, that is, a little town with industrial cluster of automobile supply chains, and the project is designed to fuel the rise of urban industry. 

Design logic and content elements of experiential commercial complex are integrated with a professional market design, and such innovative practice not only promotes the architectural image of project, but also give full play to the commercial value of project.



Project rationale

A specific north-south building space is arranged for 4S stores in the base, to meet the area requirements. According to the basic area, the 4S stores are segmented in terms of its architectural forms to create an enclosed layout. 

A building space is arranged for Automobile Operation and Management Center above the 4S store. The internal courtyard space is kept open to form an annular commercial moving line inside, so that the commercial value of automobile management center can be maximized.



Build image 

The project design is inspired by the giant aircraft automobilerier with a lot of airplanes on the top of it, and the thematic feature of architecture is highlighted by making use of the expressive force of product to make perfect combination of product and function. 

The design meets the requirements of general plans, and the purpose of overall layout is to maximize the use value based on the limited land, and to form an integrated and unified spatial form by allowing for the current land-forms and building harmonious and coordinated relations with the surroundings to bring out the best in each other and highlight a good presentation of city image.



Integrate theme

A varieties of automobile consumption models such as branded retail 4S stores, automobile supermarket, automobile accessories market, certificate handling and tests, automobile culture, second-hand automobile market and new energy vehicle etc. appeared and developed in different groups, and with the formation of independent units, the entire project was able to meet the diversified consumption demand for automobile and create one-stop automobile shopping experience.


Automobile ramp connects every level of the building so that people can reach every store conveniently and fast by their private automobiles, and the user experience is emphasized in the complex building of automobile industry; at the same time, in addition to the closed showroom in the stores, the merchants can display their automobiles outdoors to draw more attentions and get more praises. 

Setback space is set up and it is composed of lanes and parking lots so that the motor vehicles can be driven to higher levels of the building, and the customers can park their automobiles at any level and go shopping conveniently. The commercial value is maximized by introducing the concept of double-first-layer.



Build landscape

 The entire architecture is built by allowing for the characteristics of plot so as to create an unique landscape and break the totally-enclosed conventional model. A sound internal ecological environment is formed through reasonable planning, and the sunlight, green tree, middle corridor and squares embodied the features of city life.



Love entertainments 

All kind of possibilities are explored in terms of architectural forms to create an environment where there is a large amount of roof greening, with setbacks for the internal commercial levels. There is a large bus station on the central plaza, and it will draw much attention from the consumers on different floors. At the same time, people can move freely on the large-scale business places themed on the automobile.



Annular lanes are arranged on both sides of the architecture, so that people can drive to the second floor, the third floor, the fourth floor and even the fifth floor. The roof is turned into a parking lot, and the parking problem, which is common in most of plots, is solved.


Zhejiang Southeast Automobile Town shoulders the historical mission of seeking new development of auto industry. Its construction meets the requirements on composite automobile markets, that is, large-scale, normalization, multi-function and all-round service, and it keeps a foothold in Taizhou and radiates across Zhejiang by living up to the standards of informationization, digitization, intelligentialization and humanization.


As another city card of Wenling, Zhejiang Southeast Automobile Town promotes the industrial upgrading and optimization of traditional automobile circulation in Taizhou, accelerates the industrial cluster of automobile circulation and realize high-quality development.



Taizhou Automobile Industry Summit Forum and International Investment Fair

Time: 2:00 pm, July 25, 2020

Location: International Hall, 4th floor, Wen Ling Yaoda International Hotel

See you in July a Southeast Automobile Town of Zhejiang!