Hu Min, Chairman of the CPPCC of Xuhui District, Shanghai and his Group Visited CCI Holdings

source:CCI Holdings News

On the afternoon of August 12, 2019, Hu Min, Chairman of the CPPCC of Xuhui Disctrct; Yan Bo, Deputy District Chief; Hua Xin, District Director of Commerce Committee; Dai Suoyun, Party Sectary of District Commercial Committee and Director of District Industry Promotion Center visited CCI Holdings Shanghai Management Headquarter. William Chen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chen Zhuping, Executive President; Chen Hong, General Manager of Financial Investment Department participated in the reception and meeting. 


William Chen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, introducing CCI Holdings business layout to Chairman Hu Min and Deputy District Chief Yan Bo


In the meeting, Chairman William Chen first introduced three business sectors of CCI Holdings-- industrial operation, industrial investment and asset management, as well as CCI Holdings’ diversified layout in fields like automobile manufacturing, industrial chain of commerce and trade, high-end precision manufacturing, navigation industry, consumer services, real estate of commerce and tourism and pan-asset management. Chairman William Chen expressed his gratitude to Xuhui District for its yearly continuous support to CCI Holdings. He also expressed his wish of forming a strategic cooperation with Xuhui District culturally and financially to promote the industrial cluster and innovation of CCI Holdings, and contribute to Xuhui District’s economic development.


Chairman Hu Min said that the development momentum of CCI Holdings in recent years has been very inspiring, and its business layout and future planning are exceptionally clear. He said that Xuhui District has obvious advantages in promoting industrial development, especially in fields like medical care, health and education, and is very appealing to mid-level and senior talents. In recent years, the development of Xuhui West Bank has been remarkable. The Caohejing Development Zone is now a mature talented highland, which will surely provide a good environment for the development of CCI Holdings and bilateral cooperation in terms of policies, industries and talents.


In the meeting, Deputy District Chief Yan Bo said that Xuhui District has four major industries—finance, cultural innovation, life health and emerging technology (mainly in AI), and cooperation with CCI Holdings in industry, real estate, finances and many other layers can be arranged. Xuhui District is mature in policies, strong in assets and comprehensive in office facilities which make it ideal for CCI Holdings to builds up its industry cluster and forms cluster effect. He also requested District Commerce Committee to speed up in project cooperation study so the projects can be implemented as soon as possible.


Chen Zhuping, Executive President of CCI Holdings gave a brief introduction on company’s financial leasing plans. He said that communication and cooperation with Xuhui District Commerce Committee will be strengthened to secure the early implementation of the projects.


Both parties also had a preliminary discussion on building financial leasing company on the basis of 4S stores, new energy vehicles and business jets in Xuhui District and jointly building up a cultural or financial platform under the support of policies.


Xuhui District is located in the southwest of Shanghai's downtown area and covers an area of 54.93 square kilometers. Xuhui District has a long history and affluent cultural heritage; thriving commerce and strong comprehensive economic strength; perfect infrastructure and a relatively quiet living environment. It is rich in cultural, educational physical and healthy resources, and relatively developed in terms of social undertakings, and considered to be a great place for shopping and leisure for both Shanghai residents and tourists from home and abroad. In recent years, the industrial structure of Xuhui District is under continuous adjustment and optimization. The proportion of secondary and tertiary industry is now transforming from Two-Eight structure at the beginning of 12th Five-year Plan to One-Nine Structure of the time, forming an industrial structure led by modern service industry and supported by industry, commerce and real estate. The tax revenue ratio of modern service industry, commerce, real estate and industry is 4.5:2:2:1.