CCTV Financial Channel Follows Closely on Zhejiang Zoton's Fight Against Typhoon Lekima

source:CCI Holdings News

Super Typhoon Lekima made landfall in Wenling on August 13, 2019! Yet, every single employee of Zhejiang Zoton Holdings Group Co., Ltd. sticked to their posts and worked together as they prioritize vehicle owners’ life and property. A hymn titled ruthless is the Typhoon, boundless is the love from Zoton was written with their actions.


Zhejiang Zoton provided the owners whose vehicles suffered by Typhoon with services such as damaged vehicle dismantlement and repair, damage claims and so on. On August 12, 2019, Economic Information Broadcasting of CCTV Financial Channel covered services of repairing the Typhoon-stricken vehicles and related security safeguard of Wansente (a franchise store of Zhejiang Zoton).

On August 12, 2019, Economic Information Broadcasting of CCTV Financial Channel covers Zhejiang Zoton’s fight against the typhoon.

Worry-free Zoton, Real-time Rescue!

In the face of the lethal Typhoon Likema, Zhejiang Zoton activated its emergency backup plan 2 days in advance. From August 8 on, Zhejiang Zoton announced their sales, service and rescue hotline of its 4S stores to prepare the owners. The rescue lines were on call 24 hours to provide services.


At the same time, each 4S shop sent out alerts of prevention of Typhoon and messages of providing exclusive service of caring action.


Each 4S shop has reinforced their doors and windows to secure facility safety, conducted self-examination and self-correction accordingly to prepare themselves against the Typhoon. 


Go Against the Wind, Superheros!

As Typhoon Likema struck, heavy rain poured in Zhejiang, causing floods in multiple places. Zhejiang Zoton Rescue Center went all out and rushed to rescue in different locations.

From August 10 to 12, Taizhou Zoton Jaguar Land Rover 4S Center, Taizhou Senxi Dongfeng Nissan Franchise Store, Taizhou Senyuan Dongfeng Nissan Franchise Store, Taizhou Wansente Franchise Store, Wenling Jin’aoda Audi 4S Center, Huangyan Xiangyuan Buick 4S Center provided over 1,000 rescues, approximately 500 vehicles were trailered into the factory.

Ren Congjun, who works in Zhejiang Zoton Rescue Center, shouldered the dispatching of the entire rescue center trailer. Before the Typhoon’s landfall, he overstretched himself by working more than 20 hours a day. Facing the raging winds and stormy nights, Ren Congjun put himself in the shoes of the customer and personally drove the trailer, coordinated resources, rushed to the scene and participated in the rescue. In only one night, he trailered back seven vehicles with Buick rescuers.

Zhejiang Zoton Rescue Center, Ren Congjun

Zhejiang Zoton Group's after-sales service team fought in the front line, stepped forward and went against the wind making themselves superheros.

Throughout the Day, We Work Together!

After the Typhoon, Zhejiang Zoton overcomes all difficulties, refines the repair plan and resumes normal work. All staff devoted themselves in repair, recovery and other works throughout the day.

Zoton services from the bottom of our hearts

In the face of super Typhoon,

Zhejiang Zoton

With hearty service, becomes closer to the vehicle owners,

Professionalism readies us for every stormy challenge.

At the time of crisis, hero rises.

The beautiful figure of Zhejiang Zotoner,

At this moment, glitters.