Dominican Ambassador to China visited CCI Holdings

source:CCI Holdings News

On July 30, 2019, Briunny Garabito Segura, Ambassador of Dominica to China and Juan Barrera, Ambassador Assistant, visited Management Headquarters of CCI Holdings in Shanghai and toured Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile Co., Ltd. They investigated the factory and talked with CCI Holdings over issues such as new energy automobile, finance and infrastructure construction and tourism real estate etc. Liumei Kong, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCI Holdings, Kerry Zhou, Co-President of CCI Holdings and Wang Ge, Vice President of CCI Holdings et al. attended the meeting and accompanied them during the tour.


Secretary Liumei Kong welcomed Ambassador Segura on behalf of Chairman William Chen and provided basic information of CCI Holdings to the Ambassador. Secretary Liumei Kong said that, Dominican Republic is the largest economy in Central America and Caribbean area. It has advantageous geographical location and abundant resources, and the country is also featured by sound political stability, social stability, favorable investment environment, fast economic growth and great market potential, so it is truly a pearl of the Caribbean area. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations with China in May 2018, Ambassador Segura have done a lot of fruitful works to promote the comprehensive cooperation and exchanges between Dominican Republic and China. This time, Ambassador Segura made a special trip to Shanghai from Beijing and paid a special visit to CCI Holdings, which was a good proof of his great concern and recognition of CCI Holdings. As a Chinese private enterprise, CCI Holdings is willing to actively promote economic and trade cooperation with Dominica to realize win-win development.


Ambassador Segura said that, Dominica is quite influential in the Caribbean area. In recent years, Dominican economy is developing rapidly, with growth rate of about 6% in 2018. Currently, the major industries of Dominica include tourism, agriculture and infrastructure construction etc. Since last year, Dominica has been actively working with China to develop new energy. Ambassador Segura highly praised CCI Holdings. He said that, CCI Holdings was a very competitive group and it was well-experienced in domains of tourism real estate, new energy automobile and finance. There was great potential for the cooperation between both parties.


Co-President Kerry Zhou said that, he hoped to make further discussion with Ambassador Segura over the in-depth cooperation in the above industries. New energy automobile is more than an industrial project; rather, it represents an environmental protecting and energy saving means of transportation for the tourist industry. New energy automobiles manufactured by Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile was of high quality. Vehicle types of all sizes ranging from 6-meter buses to 12-meter buses were available, including urban public transportation and tour coach. Moreover, the new energy automobile had quite a high market share in Shanghai, the greatest city in China, and they could fully meet the current demand of Dominican market. At the same time, Shang Gong Group Co., Ltd.(CCI Holdings is one of its shareholders) is capable of manufacturing the most advanced industrial sewing machine in the world, and it also intends to explore the market in the American region.


Moreover, both parties made deep communication over the issues such as free trade area, tax exemption policy, international trade and financial investment mode etc.


After the meeting concluded, the delegation led by Ambassador Segura arrived at Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile Co., Ltd. In the company of General Manager Wu Wei, they appreciated the production lines of chassis, welding, spraying and general assembly etc. and the monitoring platform for new energy passenger car. They also took the sample bus.


Ambassador Segura praised a number of passenger cars and tour coaches manufactured by Wanxiang Automobile profusely. He said that, Dominica was currently implementing all-round promotion of new energy automobile, and he hoped that Wanxiang Automobile could provide sample bus and conduct pilot run in Dominica or build assembly plant in Dominica.


Shi Lei, Office Director of CCI Holdings, Wang Qiang, Director of Public Relations, Wu Wei, General Manager of Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile Co., Ltd., and Wang Lei, Deputy Director of Overseas Market Dept. attended the meeting and accompanied them.